Our itineraries

We are happy to advise you some tours in our village to learn more about Santo Stefano di Camastra, which has several local attractions, while outdoor we propose you some destinations for a one day trip. Happy explorations!

In town: City library at Armao Palace, representative of liberty style

Trabia Palace, seat of the Civic Museum of Ceramics, houses permanent and temporary exhibitions of contemporary art

Old Cemetery, a rare example of burial from the Norman period in Sicily

St. Stefano di Camastra Train Station, original restyling of the prospectus with decorations in local style

arches from the XVIII century, decorated with the  most famous scenes on the “gattopardo” by Tomasi di Lampedusa

Palermo Gate and the Avenue of the Palms with wonderful views of the Rock of Cefalù

Porta Messina and its square facing the Aeolian Islands.

Out of town

8 km to Castel di Tusa, an ancient fishing village with hotel L’Atelier sul Mare and its “Fiumara d’Arte” and the related arts complex located in the surroundings of the district.

10 km archeological area of Alesa Tusa, with the ancient greek settlement

25 km Nebrodi Park with its lakes, mountains and mountain communities

25 km S. Agata di Militello boarding for the Aeolian Islands

30 km Gefalù, pearl of the Mediterranean, with its wonderful downtown

50 km Capo d’Orlando, famous for seaside resorts, night life and the beach of S. Gregory

78 km Tindari (Patti) with the Cathedral of the Black Madonna and beautiful sandy beaches

100 km Palermo with its rich historical center

120 km from Falcone and Borsellino airport in Palermo

140 km to the park of the Alcantara Gorge Finally


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